Dr. Liz has been treating me for TMJ for several months, which has caused severe pain to my facial muscles, jaw, neck and shoulders.  I also have a history of bad shoulder and back problems.  Prior to my treatments, I had never done acupuncture before and didn’t know what to expect.  The results were incredible and I felt completely relaxed!  I couldn’t believe that after ten minutes into the treatment, any pain I had felt was gone!  Dr. Liz has been a tremendous help and her treatments are very relaxing.  I appreciate the time she has spent with me and I especially look forward to the “mini massage” after the acupuncture treatment!  I also suffer from insomnia and it’s always a wonderful feeling to go home and have a good night’s sleep.  I highly recommend Dr. Liz  for acupuncture and truly believe in the treatment!
Nicole N……….Fountain Hills, AZ

I’m excited about the wonderful results I’ve seen with my existing patients.  I look forward to sharing great stories of recovery and health.   Here are just a few I’ve collected so far:

“I have been troubled for several years with degenerative disks in my back.  After experiencing a powerful tornado in which we lost over 25 mature trees at our Minnesota cottage last summer, I also experienced severe pain from a pinched sciatic nerve in my efforts to chainsaw and clean-up the mess of downed trees.  While in Minnesota, I received an initial epidural injection followed by two more injections after returning to our home in Fountain Hills, AZ.  The injections provided only temporary help and I was told by my orthopedic physician that the only recourse would be surgery. 

 I consulted my good friend and fellow Kiwanian, Dr. Liz Smith and after thorough investigation and reference to previous MRI reports, she suggested acupuncture.  I began treatments with Dr. Liz in January and have followed up through May of this year.  The acupuncture together with some back stretching provided by Dr. Liz, who is also a highly qualified chiropractic physician, has greatly relieved my back pain, without any surgical procedures or additional pain medications.  I firmly believe that her skills and patience have really provided relief and would recommend anyone suffering back and neck ailments investigate the considerable merits of acupuncture.  In short, it really works!!”     

Alan D. Roselieb, Fountain Hills, AZ      

Dr. Liz treated my disc pain with Acupuncture.  I was thrilled to find that after several treatments, the pain subsided.  I highly recommend Acupuncture by Dr. Liz.       Bonnie Schweihs, Fountain Hills

I had shoulder pain for some unknown reason and after three acupuncture treatments my pain was gone and it has never returned.  I highly recommends acupuncture.      Ron McNatt, Fountain Hills, AZ

 Dr. Liz  treating me for back pain, hip pain, fibromyalgia , insomnia, and whatever I complained about.  She has always put out extra effort to help me by stretching my back and also giving me a nice rub down.  As I recall, I started seeing Dr. Liz approximately eight years ago after I had chemotherapy and I sat in my recliner too much and caused back problems.         Angie McNatt, Fountain Hills, AZ



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